ATI has ventured into Food Grade business since 2013. We have grown sizable in this business and today we are a preffered ISO tanks operators for most of our clients.

The ATI Food Grade Advantage

  • Separate tanks - Dedicated to Food Products Only
  • We can offer KOSHER CERTIFIED (by Rabbi)
  • Product traceability limits contamination risks
  • 100% separation in dedicated foodstuff fleet

Food Grade Fleet

  • The FOOD GRADE FLEET: Highest standards of Food Grade equipment
  • 100% dedicated "foodstuff only" fleet
  • 90% of the tank containers have capacity of 25,000 liters. You can carry more product.
  • All tank containers can be heated by steam or warm water
  • Tank containers have 12.6 sqm heating surface
  • Modern fleet (2011/2012)
  • Quality Control (previous cargoes available upon request)